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  • 11Sep

    Meet Josh Taylor, MSI

    Ова е Josh Taylor, мастер инструктор од САД. За среќа неколку сериозни Spinner®-џии имаа можност во живо и заедно да извозиме неколку часа со него. Во продолжение самиот Још ќе се обиде да објасни што е Spinning®, како почнал и до каде е сега. 

    "It's an awesome opportunity to give back what the bike had given me.... Seeing people grow and progress, overcoming obstacles, improving their health and accelerating their self esteem. It comes from roots of road cycling. And with all of that history, you know there's going to be great results. I'm excited to be part of it."


    Spinning Experience #sportinnmk #spex2017 #team #relentless

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  • 23Feb


    Let's take a look a few years back, when we had an awesome Spinning Experience at the HFWExpo. Spin on!

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