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  • 21May

    Two Myths That Mis-shape Your Mindset (and Your Body)

    Myth #1- Spot reduction

    Let’s cut to the chase on this one. The bottom line is that we cannot reduce fat in any one particular area of the body through a body-part specific exercise. The idea of doing more abdominal workouts to decrease abdominal fat has pervaded the fitness industry for years. But no matter how many crunches one does, that stubborn fat remains.

    By Chere Lucett

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  • 03Apr

    Sport INN @Spinning® Days in Slovenia

    Sport Inn as the only official Spinning® facility in Macedonia, was in Ljubljana to learn & play, the last weekend. We said Hello to our great friends from Slovenia, they said You all should keep SPINNING®. We put some effort on the Spinner® bikes during the lovely rides, THANKS! 

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