Personal Training

At Sport Inn Center, our personal training programs are much more than a few one-on-one sessions. They are designed to fit your needs and aspirations they offer a unique experience where your form and fitness level will exponentially grow in line with your cognitive skills and your emotional intelligence.

Our Lifestyle Coaches will create a program that is customized to your fitness profile and will offer accountability and motivation on a daily basis. It does not make a difference, whether you are a professional athlete, an executive or a stay-at-home mum. Through proper guidance, motivation and commitment you will achieve the results that you have defined and desired at the very beginning.

We are committed to offer programs that are stimulating, challenging and fun. Sport Inn’s personal training program lays its foundation on the fitness level evolution, where in partnership with your Lifestyle Coach you will gradually build up your form and conditioning.
Working out with our Lifestyle Coaches will help you achieve your desired results and goals, no matter if you are just looking for a way to trim body fat or prepare yourself for a special event we are committed to get you there.

Semi-Private Training

Our Semi-Private Training sessions are created to offer members the perfect balance between a challenging setting and a personalized approach.
At Sport Inn the semi-private training is done in a small team setting with up to five members per session and with a very committed Lifestyle Coach.

This approach allows you to push yourself alongside other likeminded people trying to reach your goals and obtain a greater level of fitness and form. Having, your partner, friends or family members around you to offer support can be the key ingredient that you have been missing all the time. 

Small Group Training

The Small Group Training programme is designed to transform your body. Sport Inn’s - Full Body System strategies are aimed at lean muscle growth and fat loss through mental and physical conditioning with up to ten members in a comfortable and fresh setting.

Every member will witness the progression and skill development that our Lifestyle Coach will offer, in this training greater emphasis is put into competition and social support. The programme is carefully designed not to induce useless fatigue but to offer a good workout for the members. 


We at Sport Inn are proud to offer for the first time in our country the opportunity to experience the Spinning® programme.
Spinning® is more than a name. It’s a global mission to provide people of all ages and abilities the chance to achieve their health and fitness goals. For more than 20 years, Spinner bikes have been doing just that.

With expert coaching by a certified Spinning® instructor and energizing, cycling-inspired rides that combine sound training principles, inspirational music and a unique mind/body philosophy, the Spinning® programme has helped millions of people get into the best shape of their lives. Whether you are new to the Spinning® programme or have been riding for years, the Spinning® programme provides all the tools you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Spinning® at Sport Inn

Simply put, the Spinning®program is a mixture of science and spirit. It is rooted in the physiology of cycling and performance while honouring the commitment to a deep mind/body connection. Like two wings of a bird, the physical and mental aspects of training must co-exist equally. One has no meaning without the other. When both are in balance, you can soar beyond your wildest dreams. This is the formula for success in health and life no matter who you are. It ain’t rocket science, we think it’s a pretty darn simple philosophy to live by, and we love it. We think you will, too. And, we have a whole heck of lot of FUN. I mean, life is just too short. If it doesn’t make you smile and laugh and feel awesome, why bother?

The sound training principles, manifested through heart rate training, serve as the foundation for our structured rides. The Spinning®program uses a system of 5 different Energy Zones™(heart rate zones) as a template for a fancy word called periodization. Basically this means incorporating purposeful variety in your training program to avoid plateauing and to help propel you toward your fitness or competitive goals.

WE KEEP IT REAL:  At Sport Inn, every class has a design and purpose. A road map of direction. Let’s be frank: If you’re looking for random cues that don’t make sense, unsafe or contraindicated movements, or instructors who do nothing but scream at you, you don’t need to come to Sport Inn because you will be very, very unhappy. We ride the bike like a bike and we don’t do hovers, isolations, figure 8’s, squats, lean on the handlebars , ride with one or no hands, pedal at warp speed cadences or any of that other silly nonsense that has nothing to do with cycling (or fitness for that matter!). We keep it real, people, and we keep it safe. It’s a fixed gear bike with a weighted flywheel, folks. There are rules to follow, and we follow them diligently. Click here for more info on what NOT to do in a Spinning®class. Ok, we’ve said it, now we can all relax.

THE BOTTOM LINE: We nourish the parts of you other indoor cycling programs don’t dare to touch. Because we believe there is more to riding than just pedals and gears, hills and sprints.

Spinning® is...

Spinning® FAQ



Slackfit is a revolutionary new fitness concept that lets you join the slacklining trend indoors and in groups. So Slackfit combines lifestyle, with training, the unique promt charakter and joy of movement. In our teaching, we combine effectivity, coordination, stability, speed, body- sense and fun in a unique whole- body training.

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GIBBON Slacklines

Since 2007 GIBBON stands for a new generation of lifestyle in slacklining. 

-Starting out as a small circle of friends that were passionate about slacklining, a huge community quickly developed all over the world. 
Together with our partners and the slackline-community we promote this sport and its own style- whether in virtual life on the internet or in real life, from Japan to Brazil, from the USA to Europe. That is our Slacklife!
Online-Initiatives like our legendary video contest „King Of Slackline“, or „Design Your Own Slackline“, connect communities across countries and continents, reaching beyond the web.
As a sponsor of young talents and co-organizer of the World Championship and the Slackline WorldCup we promote and support sport of slacklining and its protagonists.

As the original pioneers of 2-part-slackline-sets, with the perfectly adapted packages for beginners, freestylers, long- or highliners, we develop our products for and together with those who live for this sport. We are also the leading company for providing indoor solutions for the use of slacklining in sports education, competitive sports, office events, and in healthcare.

Don't forget Slackline is for everyone. Find your Slackline.