Since 2007 GIBBON stands for a new generation of lifestyle in slacklining.

Starting out as a small circle of friends that were passionate about slacklining, a huge community quickly developed all over the world.
Together with our partners and the slackline-community we promote this sport and its own style- whether in virtual life on the internet or in real life, from Japan to Brazil, from the USA to Europe. That is our Slacklife!

As the original pioneers of 2-part-slackline-sets, with the perfectly adapted packages for beginners, freestylers, long- or highliners, we develop our products for and together with those who live for this sport. We are also the leading company for providing indoor solutions for the use of slacklining in sports education, competitive sports, office events, and in healthcare.

GIBBON Slacklines is slacklining for everyone!!

Sport Inn is official distributer of Gibbon products for Macedonia and Kosovo. 

You can ORDER your Gibbon Slackline, just give us a call : +389 78 700 070



Due to the reduced flexibility the FUN LINE X13 can be set up very low to the ground significantly reducing the risk of us- age, which makes it ideal for beginners and children. In addi- tion to this the rubber coated print adds more grip to the line when challenging the first steps. As a result already in 2009
the FUN LINE had already been rewarded second winner of the TOY AWARDS 2009 in the category “toy of the year”.
With an integrated ratchet cover (RAT PAD X13) the set complies with German industry standards for slacklining (DIN 19400).

GIBBON Classic Line Set


Popular amongst beginners and all-rounders the slackline you can set up anywhere! Simple usability and very durable – two good reasons for its popularity and the frequent use in sports gyms and in training besides a must for every back garden. The integrated ratchet protection (RAT PAD X13) complies with the German industry standards for slackline.


With 30m in length and the dynamic JIB LINE X13 weaving, the SURFER LINE X13 is the answer to flowing easy to use jump - and waterlines. The SURFER LINE X13 comes with a robust long lever ratchet.



Undoubtably necessary, the official WSFed World Cup Slackline! Whether freestyler, adrenaline junkie or urban slacker,
the JIB LINE X13 is first choice with Trickliners world wide.
The print adds additional grip when performing dynamic moves. With an integrated ratched padding (RAT PAD X13) the set confirms with the German Industry Norm for Slacklining.



This high performance Trickline set consists of two power ratchets backed by shackles and a 2m and 3 m round sling. It ensures a perfect set up for the situation that trees are not the same size. The unique feature on the line design is the “Sweet Spot” providing a visible mark on the slackline which
can be determined during setup. Therefore the Slackliner can create a setup which helps to him position himself when performing and to know which trick to perform where! Therefore you can determine which part of the line is the ideal starting point for big combos and power moves.



The next generation signature model slackline webbing designed for high performance slacklining!
The WEBBING with an innovative line design for
great visibility and a unique feel!


Elli Schulte, the “ rst lady of slacklining“ presents her very own Slackline webbing. This webbing is perfect for lighter riders. You can get serious air, or perfect static tricks like the “Elli-Copter”.