Your Spinning® journey starts with a single pedal stroke. Your training will require strength, determination, an open mind, and humility. The Spinning program can assist you in reaching your goals through safe, smart training that is both exciting and challenging. With heart rate training and balancing the application of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, the Spinning program divides course formats into five categories called Energy Zones™: Recovery, Endurance, Strength, Interval and Race Day. Spinning instructors use these formats to develop rides for the ultimate cycling experience.

Spinning Class A 45-50 minute indoor cycling ride using varied terrain, music, and motivational coaching.

Spinning® & Core
All movement starts from your core, so give it the attention it needs without giving up time on the bike. In Spinning & Core, we ride for 45 minutes then hit the mat for 10 minutes of intense core training. Muscle targeted training is a myth due to the complexity of how the body moves and executes exercise.But it will improve your performance on the bike. What? You thought it was your legs doing all the work?