Slackfit®  is a revolutionary new fitness concept that lets you join the slacklining trend indoors and in groups. So Slackfit combines lifestyle, with training, the unique promt charakter and joy of movement. In our teaching, we combine effectivity, coordination, stability, speed, body- sense and fun in a unique whole- body training.

Walking a slackline causes up to 1000 muscle contractions per minute without overloading the joints ⇒ Frequent contractions increase the effect!

Hardly any other method trains coordination as well as Slacklining ⇒ Great improvement of nerve- muscle interplay and thus of performance!

Slackline swinging activates the deep joint-stabilising muscles ⇒ Injury prevention through more control and stability of the joints!

Slacking demands excellent speed of reaction so the sensomotoric abilities are trained regarding the interplay of muscles, nerves and brain ⇒ More speed!

Slacking improves the perception of body movement and so enhances the dynamic fine tuning of movement, as regards time and space ⇒ Improvement of the deep sense of movement.

Slackfit stands for lifestyle, adventure, fun, enthusiasm and effect at once ⇒ Regular training as the basis for positive change!