It is the most fun sport discipline ever! We are just joking (or are we?). Slackline is a dynamic (usually outdoor) activity that is mostly about walking, balancing and performing tricks on a line. Previous experience with similar sports is not necessary, because we are all starting from scratch.




The people that were lucky enough and dedicated enough to have the coolest job in the world!
Jaan Roose, Tauri Vahesaar, Carlos Merayo Garcia are just few of the many international Gibbon Pro Athletes (we had the opportunity to meet the last two).

The Gibbon Pro Athletes are professionals, which means that they get the full Gibbon support- from equipment to apparel, participating in the most prestigious competitions and coolest events all around the world, traveling, sponsorship deals, and off course TREMENDOUS amount of fun!
The most ambitious, dedicated and active Slackliners with their participation in the SLACKLINE ACCADEMY  will have the opportunity to leave a mark and be noticed by the international Gibbon team  (and a chance to be a PRO ATHLETE).


Sport Inn and Gibbon Slacklines Macedonia are inviting you to another big and exciting adventure- Slackline Academy 2017!

All active and inactive young thrill seekers  that have potential, wish, are charismatic and want to have fun, to be a part of a team are invited to take their part in the ACADEMY.  We will provide you the needed equipment and training session for FREE, and all you need to do is to work yourself up to the highest – MASTER - level at the Academy.

The Slackline academy is a unique opportunity to be part of the first ever Macedonian slackline team. The best will have the opportunity to continue the cooperation with Sport Inn, to become a spokesperson for Gibbon Macedonia , even to be noticed by Gibbon, which then will lead to an opportunity to become a Pro Athlete! With their motivation to endure till the end, to advance in the given tasks and to show and prove the new learned skills, the participants are the ones that will decide if there is going to be one, five, or no winner/s at all. During the Academy the participants 

will have the chance for self-promotion on the social media where they can gain a group of followers, supporters and audience that will follow throughout their Slackline journey in Macedonia, or worldwide.

The sign up is open to everybody with the right amount of enthusiasm, motivation and consistency to dedicate themselves to the first Gibbon Slackline Academy.

We will start with trail day where everyone that signed to attend can try out the Slacklines. Previous experience is not necessary!  Everyone has equal potential to become a SLACKLINER .

It is not every day that there is a possibility to be FIRST in something this NEW, EXCITING AND FUN!

Do not miss out the chance to be a part of The 1st Macedonian Slackline team! Sign up here!


If this super-fun discipline is your cup of tea, in the next two months you will have the opportunity to regularly train with the team that will be selected on 4th March and to overcome together the upcoming challenges. YOU and your team will have our full support from the first steps, all the way to the first tricks on the slackline.

During the two month training sessions, we will keep track of your personal progress, and there will be a few levels that you will have to over power- they will contribute to the final score and outcome of the academy.

Because you will be the first Slackliners in Macedonia, you will have the privilege to be in charge of the official Gibbon Slacklines Macedonia Instagram account, where you will share photos and videos from the training sessions. That way you will create a fan base with followers who will be beside you during your progress.

The end will be rounded up with a big SLACKLINE event, where you can measure your strength with PRO ATHLETES and other slackliners.

At the event you and your team will have the chance to show off and demonstrate everything that you have learned, to gain new fans, and to hang out and learn from the best Pro Athletes.  And remember, it is up to you – the 1st Macedonian slackline team - who and how many people will be the winners.


You need to sign up here.
We are starting with a trail training session on 4th March at 13h in the City Park, and all you need is casual clothes and sports shoes, a bunch of positive energy and a desire for new adrenaline experience.