The heart rate range for weight loss is what we call the Endurance Energy Zone, but we actually have five zones in all, each with different benefits! You can decide which of the following best suits your fitness goal needs.

Recovery Energy Zone (50%–65% of MHR)
Gives your body a chance to heal, prevents burnout and reduces the risk of injury.

Endurance Energy Zone (65%–75% of MHR)
Builds your aerobic base and trains your body to burn fat by maintaining a steady heart rate and a comfortable pace over an extended period of time.

Strength Energy Zone (75%–85% of MHR)
Improves cardiovascular strength with increased intensity.

Interval Energy Zone (65%–92% of MHR)
Boosts your metabolism and calorie burn by incorporating bursts of speed and power with periods of recovery.

Race Day Energy Zone (80%–92% of MHR)
This Energy Zone is the ultimate challenge of all-out effort and an unbeatable way to test your fitness and measure your progress.
Posted on: 24 Jan 2018