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  • 08Oct

    What we did at the HFW Expo

    Just a taste of what we did and how it all went over, at the Health Fitness and Wellness Expo in Skopje. Thanks to all that came! You are more than friends. We could't do it witout you!

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  • 05Sep

    NO BULLS#!T YOGA at Sport Inn

    Hey, hey.


    Starting from the 01 of October, we are delighted to inform you all that a new discipline will be available for future and current members. 


    Our trademarked NO BULL#!T Yoga is soo much more than the “boring” feel your breath, expand your eyelids and say hello to the sun, types of yoga. You will feel the strongest you have ever felt, you will activate muscles you did’t even know existed. You will lose all limitations and resistance. You will do stuff that you never thought were possible. Most important it will be and it is FUN!


    Make sure you reserve your place, the groups are small. 


    See you.


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